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We are a scenic indoor-outdoor farm venue located in the west end of the city of Ottawa.


Our venue features a flat rental fee and no guest minimums - ideal for the modern bride & groom who may be looking to share their special day with a smaller collection of close friends and family.


We have zero hidden or service fees and value transparent pricing in the wedding industry for our couples and their family. 

Our focus is on offering a truly beautiful and private venue without any costly requirements or restrictions such as minimum guest counts or minimum tabs. We are all about keeping things true, beautiful, simple yet elegant, and luxurious at the same time.

Take a wander through our website & contact us if you'd like to know more!

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Winter is here! Checkout how we handle it.

Beginning Monday December 18th, 2023, our doors will be closed for in person tours again for the winter season, as we are a seasonal venue. We will be reverting back to our very simple fully refundable deposit policy. This policy allows any couple interested in securing a remaining 2025 wedding date with us after we close up for the winter, to do so with our standard 2025 first deposit, & by signing an updated version of our contract. This update states that if you don't LOVE our venue when visiting in person in the Spring of 2024, your deposit is promptly refunded IN FULL, no questions asked.  


We will reopen our doors in early May 2024, but will prioritize freshening up our grounds, all necessary preparations for the wedding season ahead, and meeting with our May-June 2024 couples that month. All other site visits and open door events will commence the weekend of June 1st-2nd, with priority given to all winter bookings for 2025, who need to get in to see our spaces in person for the first time. We will be in touch by early May to those couples who chose to make a winter 2024 date reservation, to schedule a one-on-one visit around our property and facilities for the aforementioned weekend.


We will remain available 7 days a week for communications via email and phone, for any assistance our couples require.  


Following this first June 2024 weekend, Monday and Tuesday afternoons + evenings along with Sunday afternoons will be available once again each week, for in person property tours & meetings with our team.


Thank you for another wonderful year! 

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