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Bleeks & Bergamot is a newly created wedding and event venue in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario. Meticulously designed for Bailey & Ryan's September 2020 wedding,  the venue features a stunning 5,000 square foot white stone courtyard, anchored by balanced and lush landscaping to set the tone for your special event.


Off of one side of the courtyard space you will find a new 2,000 square foot building, with white ship-lapped walls and five sets of double sliding barn doors with exposed black barn tracks along one entire wall. These doors open up onto the beautiful outdoor space, and in the warmth of May-early Fall are great to keep open for the duration of your event. The covered structure is the perfect space for a sit down meal, or cocktail style affair, with ample space for about 150 guests comfortably. There is also ample space inside for our custom made farmhouse style bar, a dance floor, a table for cards and gifts,  as well as a cake table and other refreshments of choice.


 Another stunning aspect of our newly created venue is the century old dairy barn, that offers a truly rustic element to your special occasion. It is the perfect backdrop for your outdoor ceremony, guest speaker and more, with a black iron chandelier in the new white front portico. 


Private access to Bleeks & Bergamot's nearby riverside property for extremely scenic bride and groom photos, wedding party shots, first look etc., is just one more phenomenal feature of the overall venue that is unlike anywhere else. Completely serene, private and gorgeous scenery will immerse you and yours on your special day!

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Dogs are welcome at Bleeks and Bergamot

At Bleeks & Bergamot we offer countless complimentary décor items, beautiful landscape features, day of clean up of all the big stuff, and access to our reception spaces for your rehearsal needs the Wednesday or Thursday before your big day!


We can also supply affordable, stunning, and one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, bouquets and more for your special day, should you wish! Bailey, the owner, is a super passionate gardener and floral designer, and really looks forward to working with you to create your dream floral designs for your big day!

A little bit
about Us..

Bailey & Ryan are a newly married couple who reside in the Ottawa area. They have started the wedding and event venue, Bleeks & Bergamot as their first business together as a married couple, and hope to see it flourish for countless years, and potentially even decades, to come!

Ryan is a full time electrician, and Bailey is a full time farmer! Their passion for their work is evident, and their love for one another is too! While Bailey is a bit of a workaholic at 27, owning and operating her local business Four B Farms ( her work ethic she says she gets from her extremely devoted and hardworking dairy farmer father), Ryan reminds her of the balance between work and relaxation, and is always there to offer a helping hand anytime she needs. Four B Farms has grown into a successful business offering local households, restaurants and shops organically grown produce, cut flowers, pastured beef and free range eggs, turkey, and chicken.


Bailey is always, for Ryan, a motivator, and has cherished seeing him achieve so many of his personal and professional goals over the past seven plus years together. There really seems to not be a project or challenge out there that Ryan can't successfully tackle when he sets his mind to it. His meticulous nature and true kindness shines through in everything he does, and to everyone he meets.

During the planning process of their wedding just outside of the village of Ashton, in Ottawa's west side city limits, they discovered they both have a real passion for event planning and transforming forgotten spaces into magical creations. Their shared love for interior and exterior design, from their previous three years together renovating their fifty year old home, helped them to take an old yard, and what was a run down façade of an old dairy barn, into something that many have labelled as a "magazine cover worthy" event space. 

With some seriously hard work, a lot of sweat equity, saving, sacrificing, planning, along with the help of their loving family members, Bleeks & Bergamot was created, and used as the ultimate venue for Bailey & Ryan's September 25th 2020 "Covid" wedding! 

With some further planning, the creation of an official business, a company website, social media accounts, and quite a few more hours devoted into their visionary space, Bleeks & Bergamot can now too be yours to enjoy on your special day too!


 Please peruse the company website to read all about our pricing and offerings, and do reach out if you have any further questions!


Bailey and Ryan, and the full team behind this exquisite venue, look forward to working with you to create your ultimate, affordable, & serene event !

Bride and Groom Riverside at Bleeks and Bergamot
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