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A little bit
about us.

Hi guys! We are Bailey & Ryan, and we are pleased to see you've made it this far on our website :) We are a newly married couple who reside in the Ottawa area. We started Bleeks & Bergamot as our first full time business together as a married couple, and hope to see it flourish for countless years to come!

Ryan is a part time electrician, part time handyman and venue owner. I'm a florist, flower farmer, and now venue owner.  Our passion for our work is what makes each day so wonderful as we truly love what we do!


While I sometimes may be a little bit of a workaholic at 29 ( Bailey), Ryan reminds me of the balance between work and relaxation and is always there to offer a helping hand anytime I need to get a job or project done. Our farm, Four B Farms, provides local households, restaurants, and shops organically grown cut flowers, pastured beef,  free range eggs, turkey, and chicken. Over the past few years since starting B & B we have really gotten into growing wedding and event florals for our own designs, which we find especially fun and enjoyable!


When it comes to Ryan, there really seems to not be a project or challenge out there that he can't successfully and humbly tackle. His meticulous nature and true kindness shines through in everything he does and to everyone he meets. From moving tables, fixing furniture, building repairs, wiring an entire structure, to something smaller like hanging a light fixture, everything he does with pride and precision -and that's why he is truly such a valuable asset for our clients!

During the planning process of our wedding we both discovered we have a real passion for event planning and transforming forgotten spaces into magical places. Our shared love for interior and exterior design and DIYing helped us to take an old yard and what was a run down façade of an old dairy barn, into something that many have labelled as a "magazine cover worthy" event space. 

With some seriously hard work, a lot of sweat equity, saving, sacrificing, planning, and with the help of our loving family members along the way, Bleeks & Bergamot was created, and used as the ultimate venue for our September 25th 2020 "Covid" wedding.

With some further planning, the creation of an official business, a company website, social media accounts, and quite a few more hours devoted into our visionary space, Bleeks & Bergamot really took off. Our space, thanks to all of our previous couple's support and faith in us,  can now too be yours to enjoy on your special day too!

Our daughter Maeve is the newest member of the Bleeks fam. You might see her around on an open-door event night in season, some venue tours here and there, or during the mornings on wedding days. She was born just two weeks before the wedding season began for us again in 2023, and is already a vital member of our team, brightening up everyone's day with her adorable little smile & charm.


Ourselves and the full team behind B & B  look forward to working with you to create your ultimate event <3

Bride and Groom Riverside at Bleeks and Bergamot
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